How to Hide Taskbar on Second Monitor in Windows 11

    Dang that new fangled taskbar

    Start11 Release Candidate 2 out for Windows 11 with fixes and full screen Start menu option

    Give me my old start menu back, i am old and stuck in my ways

    Pupils in Scotland struggle to get online amid Microsoft issue

    Engineers fumbling to fix Teams

    Patch Tuesday problems abound, Server 2016 crashes, and a .Net patch goes down in flames

    You know it’s going to be an Alice in Wonderland month when some sites report that Microsoft plugged 54 vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday, while...

    Microsoft yanks buggy Office 2016 patch KB 4018385, republishes all of this month’s patch downloads

    As reported yesterday, the July 2018 Windows and Office patches teem with bugs. We’re just beginning to see the fallout. The July 3 non-security Office 2016...

    Windows 10 Control Center Maybe Still In Development Based on Screenshot in MS Store

    A screenshot of a new Microsoft app called Screen Sketch may have leaked that Microsoft is still developing the Windows 10 Control Center feature. Control...

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