Windows 10 Control Center Maybe Still In Development Based on Screenshot in MS Store

    A screenshot of a new Microsoft app called Screen Sketch may have leaked that Microsoft is still developing the Windows 10 Control Center feature.

    Control Center is a rumored Windows 10 feature being developed that contains all of the existing quick actions from Action Center, a brightness slider, and quick links to various setting screens. This control center would be accessible via a settings cog () that would sit in the taskbar. According to, this feature would be fully customizable so that you can decide what settings you want it to contain.

    Since it was discovered in May 2017, not much has been heard about this feature until a new Microsoft app called Screen Sketch was added recently to the Microsoft Store. In a screenshot for this application, the sharp eyes at WindowsLatest was able to see the Control Center settings cog sitting on the task bar.

    You can see this in the original image and a blown up image showing the cog below.

    Original Screen Sketch Screenshot
    Zoomed in on settings cog

    While it’s only speculation that the cog means that Microsoft is developing the Control Center and this image could be from an earlier build, similar leaks in the past have turned out to be true. At this point, we just need to wait and see if it is added to new Redstone 5 builds in the future.

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