Korg teases Drumlogue, a hybrid analog / digital groovebox

    Korg is teasing the next member of the ‘logue family, the Drumlogue. We don’t have all the details right now as it’s still under development, but we do know it will be a hybrid analog / digital groovebox. Judging from the short teaser video, that means some analog drum voices similar to the Volca Beats, as well as PCM and digital synthesis voice. It will also support the ‘logue SDK found on the Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 which will allow users to customize the instrument with third-party effects and synth voices. Plus you’ll be able to load custom samples.

    It also sounds like it will have a digital effects section, similar to Korgs recent synths like the Modwave and Opsix. Though, it’s not clear what effects specifically are going to come built-in.

    Korg says that it has a “direct, performance oriented interface” and a “sequencer with deep features” but didn’t provide more details than that. Most of Korg’s recent instruments dating back to the original Minilogue in 2016 have focused on knob-per-function controls, so I would expect more of the same here. As for the sequencer, well, Korg did recently he impressively sounding SQ-64, and it would only make sense for them to bring some of the features over from that while keeping the ‘logue line’s Motion Sequencing in tact for parameter automation.

    Sadly we don’t have much more to share beyond that. The Drumlogue is still very much in development and, while it might come out before the end of the year, Korg hasn’t offer a release window just yet.

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