Uppbeat: Leeds-based startup Music Vine launches free music platform for content creators with no YouTube copyright or demonetisation issues

    Music Vine, a Leeds-based startup, has launched Uppbeat, a new music service for YouTubers and other content creators. With this platform, the company aims to become the go-to resource for creators across the world.

    Why Uppbeat was launched?

    Uppbeat has launched to meet various demands like avoiding copyright claims, and loss of ad revenue from YouTubers and other content creators. As per the company’s claims, the music platform removes the barrier to high-quality music and guarantees no YouTube copyright issues or demonetisation of content.

    With years of experience and a carefully curated catalog of talented artists, composers, and producers from all around the world already at its disposal, the team of eight is now poised to shake up the YouTube and content creator space.

    1000 registered tracks

    At present, the platform has over 1,000 registered tracks from indie artists, producers, and composers from around the world.

    Lewis Foster, CEO, Uppbeat said: “The lack of affordable copyright-free music has been an obstacle in the content creator space for far too long. With Uppbeat we see a real opportunity to become the go-to resource for YouTubers and creators that are seeking quality music for their content.”

    “Beyond providing a great experience for our users, supporting our artists and music producers is immensely important to us. They’re the beating heart of our platform, so we’ve devised an ethical business model that allows us to remunerate them from several revenue streams. It means our artists are always paid fairly for their music.”

    Free and premium account

    Uppbeat’s free users can download ten full-length tracks per month, which they can freely use in YouTube videos without risking copyright claims.

    Otherwise, they can opt for a £6.99 Premium account that provides unlimited and unrestricted access to Uppbeat’s catalog, as well as the ability to whitelist YouTube channels and preempt any future copyright claims.

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