Gearslutz announces that it will be changing its name, following an online campaign

    Gearslutz founder Julian Standen – known on the site as Jules – has confirmed that the pro audio website will be changing its name. The decision comes in response to an online petition asking for the name change, which was signed by almost 5,000 people.

    Explaining his decision on the Gearslutz forum, Standen said: “A recent petition for a forum name change has generated impassioned debate.

    “We recognise and agree that the word-play pun in the name has gotten old and it is now time to move forwards.

    “Gearslutz will be changing its name. 

    “We have not yet decided what it will be but we can assure you that the new name will be more inclusive, and will stand the test of time. The site will operate as usual, only the domain name and logo will change.

    “This process is going to take a while as it is a significant technical task. Thus, we are asking you to bear with us as we embark on it.

    “Thanks and here’s to the future!”

    In response, Cam Ran, who started the petition, said: “This is an amazing step for equality in the industry and inspiring for anyone who has felt like their concerns or thoughts haven’t been taken seriously in the past. Thank you Jules and everyone at Gearslutz for hearing us out and taking the right step towards progress. You have gained the support of many in the process.”

    Standen expanded on his decision to change the name in an interview with Working Class Audio. You can listen to it below.

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