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    Netflix is axing user reviews from its website this summer

    No more armchair critics.


    Netflix users who like to sound off on what they thought of their recently-watched TV shows or movies are going to have to find a new place to vent.

    The streaming service has announced it’s axing user reviews from its website this summer.

    Users have been able to log on to Netflix’s desktop site and give their opinions on current content (providing that opinion has at least 80 characters) and give an out-of-five rating.

    But according to the streaming service, the number of customers using the feature has been dropping in recent times.

    From July 30, you’ll no longer be able to submit reviews – and come mid-August, existing user reviews will be removed from the site.

    “We are removing the ability to read and write reviews in the coming weeks,” a Netflix spokesperson told CNET.

    “This feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time.”

    Last year Netflix retired its five-star ratings feature, which was used for personalised recommendations.

    It was replaced with a more simplistic thumbs up/thumbs down system, to help the service match content to users.

    At the time Todd Yellin, Netflix’s VP of product innovation, explained: “Five stars feels very yesterday now.”

    Yellin contented that the five-star system “really projects what you think you want to tell the world,” and Netflix is looking for something more authentic.

    He added: “We want to move to a system where it’s really clear, when members rate, that it’s for them, and to keep on making the Netflix experience better and better.”

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