You can now talk to your Samsung fridge

    The refrigerator comes with a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen and cameras that show what's inside

    Samsung is expanding the number of smart fridges it is producing and has added voice support so you can now talk to the refrigerator.

    The Family Hub 2.0, which builds on the original model released last year, includes a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen. At CES 2018 this week, the firm revealed the screen and smart home settings will be included in ten refrigerator models going forward.

    The touchscreen allows family members to post messages and notes to others, share photos, and look at shared calendars. Included in the latest update to the Family Hub is the ability to create profiles for different people: avatars or personal pictures can be used.

    If opening the fridge door is too much effort the internal cameras on the fridge allow for its contents to be viewed in real-time. Images of products captured by the camera can also be used to add items that may need reordering to a shopping list, and ordered online.

    As well as the expanded range of models, Samsung has included “advanced voice technology” within the hardware. “Users can issue voice commands to learn the weather and time, add products to shopping lists and order groceries online, manage to-do-lists as well as calendar schedules, in addition to controlling various other apps,” Samsung said in a statement. Voice recognition technology could play a large role in the firm’s 2018 plan.

    Samsung had a difficult time in 2016 with the Galaxy Note 7 battery problems and its exploding washing machines. The issues saw the South Korean company’s third quarter profits drop by as much as 30 per cent compared to the previous year. It has hinted that voice recognition and AI technologies will play a big part in its future models.

    In increasing the functionality of the fridge models Samsung says it is working with Spotify, iHeartRadio, LiDL, Glympse, and more to create apps and different functions for the fridge. In many ways, the additions, which include a “morning briefing” of news content, are similar to the home assistant efforts of the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

    The updates to the Family Hub refrigerators are one of a number of connected home products Samsung is launching at CES, in Las Vegas. It is also introducing new Wi-Fi connected ovens, hobs, and range hoods. “Users can remotely start, control and turn off their ovens, as well as monitor their cooktop and range hood from their smartphone,” the firm says. It is also launching a new four-in-one washer and dryer.

    The latest addition to the Samsung refrigerator range, is the Family Hub multi-door fridge freezer.

    You may be able to remember how many eggs you have left in the fridge, but are
    you sure they’ll last until next week? Now you don’t have to. Three Wi-Fi-connected cameras built into the 550-litre Family Hub and a companion app let you check your supplies and digitally track your food’s expiry dates for updates on when to restock. An integrated 21.5-inch tablet can display a calendar, messages and recipes. Use the entertainment system to listen to music or watch TV shows. The current model is available at a retail price of £4,500.

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